Catapult Creative represents a shift in how business is done.

We saw a lot of major changes occur as a result of the economic downturn of 2008. When consumers tightened their purse strings, businesses were forced to do some major cutbacks. One of the first things to go were their large marketing budgets, and with that the teams of marketing professionals that were supported by those clients.

And then an interesting thing happened...

Big agencies had to cut back whole teams. Many closed up shop altogether. Suddenly we had an army of very talented, very capable designers, developers, copywriters, photographers, strategists, account managers and everyone else who contributed to these major projects who were all looking for work at the same time. Since none of the big players were hiring, Creatives started reaching out to their friends, former coworkers and clients to find work.

They started collaborating.

A copywriter who had a relationship with a client needed a good designer for a project so they'd call up a former colleague to partner with them on the gig. Then they'd call up another friend who was a developer who was now freelancing to pay the bills. These networks started to spiderweb into overlapping circles of independent specialists working together in a virtual model.

We realized we no longer needed the structure of a big agency model, we just needed to know the right specialist at the right time.

Since that time, thousands of incredibly talented Creatives have been making a living by mastering one aspect of a project and partnering with other specialists to deliver full spectrum service at a fraction of the cost of hiring a big agency with big agency overhead. We can run lean and staff up as necessary, making sure our clients pay only for what they need.

This is the Catapult philosophy. I use "I" and "We" interchangeably because our team depends on the project. When it comes to brand strategy, logo and identity design and all other graphic design, I've got that covered. When a project requires a custom website development and video, I've got specialists that I can pull in to get the job done right. As a client, you only pay for the people you need, when you need them. This saves you money and ensures you're only getting top talent and not getting handed off to a junior designer.